Making sure your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor play is essential. Dress your child in clothes they can get messy in and bring a change of clothes.

In spring, summer and fall, dress your child in long pants and rain boots, waterproof sneakers or water shoes. For rainy days dress children in a waterproof jacket and pants. Recommended brands are Bogs, Kamik, Columbia, Oakiwear, Gordini, CeLaVi and REI brand.

In winter, dress your child in waterproof winter boots, full rain gear, warm outer layer of fleece or down, under layer of two-piece silk or wool long johns, silk or wool socks, waterproof mittens or gloves and a hat.

Importantly, keep a positive attitude about cold rainy days because some of the most fun is had in this type of weather!


We have a rule of kindness – toward each other and toward nature. As environmental stewards, we are in the forest to learn about and protect the land.

We also have important safety rules. Our number one rule when we are in the forest is our children must “always see an adult and an adult see me.” Others include only climbing to 2x a child's height, only throwing light objects, and large sticks for large places. 

We have a zero tolerance policy for hitting, grabbing, pushing and name-calling.


We offer caregiver and child, family and drop-off classes. Please note which type of class you are registering for when you sign up.  

We offer one make up class a season. Partial refunds may be granted up to two weeks after the first class. 

Siblings under 2 years old are welcome to join. Older children may join up to two times a season, for $15 a class. Please email first to check availability.


South Mountain Nature School’s Forest School classes take place entirely outdoors, and there are risks, which naturally occur when outside.

Poison Ivy

We will identify poison ivy and avoid it whenever possible. If you do come in contact with it, wash it with cool, soapy water as soon as possible. More info here.


There are deer ticks and dog ticks in SMR. It is recommended that you check yourself and your child for ticks after every Forest School class. If a tick is found, remove it as soon as possible. More info here.


We will review risks of play at the beginning of class, but it is important to supervise your child during class.


We meet at different locations within South Mountain Reservation. Check the South Mountain Conservancy for maps here.

Gathering for a snack at the end of class. 

Gathering for a snack at the end of class.